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Last change of this file: 07/10/2000
day Sunday 20/8 Kiel Monday 21/8 Kiel Tuesday 22/8 Kiel Wednesd 23/8 Kiel Thursday 24/8 Kiel/Lübeck Friday 25/8 Lübeck Saturday 26/8 Lübeck  
morning arrival breakfast, reception at town hall, lunch breakfast, trip to Schleswig breakfast, lectures, lunch breakfast, departure Kiel, arrival Lübeck, lunch mensa lectures: Lübeck, Hanse league, ships, medicine in MA, lunch mensa Trip to Hamburg, sightseeing, lunch packages  
afternoon guided city tour open-air museum Molfsee (medieval architecture) Schleswig sailing tour & townhall Lübeck, Heiliggeist hospital, museum of Marzipan lecture/workshop clothes in MA Free afternoon  
evening barbecue at university pubcrawl return to Kiel barbecue pubcrawl Disco night on ship "Body&Soul" Reeperbahn Hamburg or return to Lübeck  
day Sunday 27/8 Lübeck Monday 28/8 Lübeck Tuesday 29/8 Lübeck-Lund Wednesd 30/8 Lund Thursday 31/8 Lund Friday 1/9 Lund Saturday 2/9 Lund Sunday 3/9 Lund
morning visit Sankt Annen Museum lectures torture, wars & magic, lecture/workshop food in the Midle Ages, with baking own bread 8.00 Travemünde departure by ferry, lunch package 10.30 guided tour to Lund 10.00 Visiting Ale stenar, games 10.30 medieval music Cadenza lecture/workshop medieval dance departure
afternoon playing medieval games & theatre in Travemünde   17.30 arrival in Trelleborg, 19.00 arrival in dormitory 14.00 museum Kulturen visit in Ystad 15.00 "Varpa" (old Swedish game) at Klostergården  
evening Party in dormitory or outside with barbecue pubcrawl pubcrawl 19.30 Dinner Micklagård 22.30 Värmlands 19.00 ENight: Medieval Party Lophtet, barbecue International cooking at Delphi Dinner outside or at Micklagård