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Reception-ADDRESS and the WAY there
for the part in Kiel of your TSU:

Dear participants,

Our TSU "Back To The Roots: Join The Middel Ages"
starts in Kiel, 20th August 2000 at 15.30 h.

The ADDRESS where we'll be waiting for you:

Christian P. Schlichte
Harmsstrasse 128
24114 Kiel

How to get to the meeting-point:

You arrive at the station or central-bus-station (ZOB) -
then there're 3 possibilities:

1) we pick you up at 11 / 13 / 15 h
2) you take the RED bus line 31
3) you phone us and we'll see ...

1) we pick you up at 11 / 13 / 15 h in August-Viktoria-Strasse

- arrival at station
you follow "AEGEE" signs in the station-hall or go in direction ZOB; it's very near to the station
- arrival at central-bus-station (ZOB) you go back to the street where the bus arrived; it's just in front of the ZOB (not much traffic)

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2) you take the bus line 31 / bus-platform D (bus does _not_ leave from ZOB) (busses are red)

- arrival at station after leaving the platform you turn left, go straight and pass the street
- arrival at central-bus-station go in direction of taxi-station / train-station; pass the street to your right

>>> BUS Timetable & "where to drive to?"<<<

5.50 every hour till 23.50 on Sunday
Get on the bus line 31 in direction "Mettenhof" Buy a ticket ("Ein Fahrschein, bitte!) in the bus. Go out at Metzstrasse. You go 100m back in the direction the bus came from, then you see the "Harmsstrasse" at your left.

"128" is no more far away and with it your TSU!!!

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3) you phone us and we'll see what we can do
Henning: 0173/4648191 (mobile)
Christian: 0431/18175

Also it would be nice of you, if you tell us,
when and where exactly you'll arrive.

Don't forget to be in Kiel on Sunday before 15.30h,
because then our programm will come true!

For occuring problems contact us.
See you, Henning
TSU-Responsible AEGEE-Kiel / Phone: ++49-431-682719

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